Government Contracting

MarpConsulting specializes in assisting businesses and organizations in navigating the federal government contracting process. Our team provides comprehensive support, including contract acquisition, proposal development, compliance management, contract administration and execution.

We execute government contracts and also help clients understand the intricacies of government regulations and requirements, ensuring successful contract awards and project execution.

Here are our area of specialisation under federal contracts
NAICS 5416

Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services

NAICS 54161

Management Consulting Services

NAICS 541611

Business management consulting services

NAICS 541611

Business start-up consulting services

NAICS 541612:

Organization development consulting services

NAICS 541613

NAICS 541613: Marketing consulting services

NAICS 541618

Other Management Consulting Services

NAICS 541611

Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

NAICS 541720

Behavioral research and development services

NAICS 541720

Business research and development services

NAICS 541720

Psychology research and development services

NAICS 6114

Business Schools and Computer and Management Training

NAICS 611420

Computer programming, software, and systems training, online learning marketplace services (through a website or mobile application)

NAICS 61143

Professional and Management Development Training

NAICS 325412

Pharmaceutical preparations (e.g., capsules, liniments, ointments, tablets) manufacturing

NAICS 424210

Specialty-line pharmaceuticals merchant wholesalers

NAICS 456110


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